Cloud Software

By automating your daily financial systems and processes with cloud apps, you’ll open your working world up to a better, more streamlined way of working.

We’ll get your financial system in the cloud, setting the stage for us to build other systems that integrate and automate your daily business processes.   We’ll help you find those places where cloud apps can make a difference and create an ecosystem of applications that work to solve problems, gain efficiencies, help you communicate, grow sales and in general…find that better way of doing things.  Our Cloud Implementation service involves:

  • Analyzing your current systems—we’ll find out what you need, what’s working, what’s not, what’s bogging you down & find those pain points
  • Prioritizing based on impact—we’ll look for the implementations that will make the best positive impact
  • Evaluating software alternatives—we’ll work through the pros & cons &parse out the best solution
  • Implementation planning
  • Project management
  • Outline of business process changes resulting from deployment
  • Integration of software with existing platforms