Fractional CFO

Our Fractional CFO services give you the tools you need to identify what drives your business, tell you how it’s performing… and put you in the best position to grow.

We build on your existing cloud accounting software with the right Add-ons to create powerful reporting tools. We’ll tease out the financial and non-financial metrics that really drive your business and, via a real-time dashboard, you can see how your business is performing anytime, anywhere. Armed with this information, you’ll be all set to grow your business and achieve success. We don’t just come at it from an Accountant’s point of view either.

As experienced business owners and operators, we’ve worn all the hats it takes to run a successful business—marketing to management, IT to logistics, finance to HR to startup—and been in your shoes. So we also help with practical and specific things outside of your resources or knowledge that will make a difference to your business. Our Fractional CFO services include:

  • Maintenance of analytic KPI dashboards so you can monitor business performance
  • Business plan development
  • Analysis of current financial results & operations
  • Advanced custom reporting & modeling
  • KPI development
  • Analysis of business processes
  • Long-range strategic planning
  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Exit planning
  • Consolidated reporting and dashboards for consolidated entities